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Прва зграда НМУ са перголом у периоду 1953-1961. год.National Museum Uzice (NMU) is a regional museum being in charge of the territory of eight municipalities of Zlatibor District (Uzice, Bajina Basta, Kosjerić, Pozega, Arilje, Cajetina, Nova Varos and Sjenica). It was founded on July 12, 1946, first as The Museum of Uprising 1941. The National Museum was established by the Decision of the National Committee of Titovo Uzice dated April 29, 1963, which incorporated both The Museum of Uprising 1941 and The Local Museum, whose collection formed gradually. By the Decision of Self-managing...


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M. C. Kadinjača

Jokanovica house

Hydroelectric power plant

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