Memorial Complex Kadinjača

The memorial complex Kadinjača is dedicated to the soldiers of the Workers Battalion, from Posavina and Orasje, who died on the hill Kadinjača, 14 miles west of Uzice on November 29, 1941, defending the retreat of the Supreme Headquarters of NOPOJ, partisan brigades and a partisan hospital.

A memorial pyramid by a Belgrade sculptor, Stevan Zivanovic was discovered there on November 29, 1952 with the engraved verses from the poem "Kadinjača" written by Uzice poet Slavko Vukosavljević. Newly-built monument on Kadinjaca was officially opened by the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia president, Josip Broz Tito on September 23 1979, and in 1979, it was declared for immovable cultural property of outstanding value.

The Memorial complex Kadinjača, whose author is a sculptor from Belgrade Miodrag Zivkovic, consists of new monument composition and old monumental memorial pyramid. Sculptural solution is given in the form of a running composition, comprising a number of elements of different sizes and shapes, which fitting into the lie of the land symbolize the human resistance.

The monument consists of three parts: Uzice Republic amphitheatre, Workers Battalion Alley and Square of freedom.

On the protected land area, there is also a Memorial Home, designed by architect Aleksandar Djokic.

The building of Memorial Home includes: work premises, permanent exhibition of the Worker's battalion and the battle on Kadinjaca, thematic exhibition "Uzice Region in the NATO aggression," the restaurant, souvenir shop, utilities and others. The service for the acceptance of tourist groups is organized, as well.

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