Archaeology Department

For over 60 years of its work NMU has developed an intensive museum-research and scientific work, which covers the period from prehistory to modern times.

Archaeology Department included Uzice region in the project of Archaeological Institute in Belgrade on reconnaissance of Serbia as early as in 1948 and 1950. The first systematic scientific research by excavation of large necropolis under mounds from the Bronze and Iron Age in Kriva Reka near Čajetina and Razana near Kosjeric was carried out in cooperation with this Institute and the National Museum in Belgrade.

The National Museum got first trained archaeological personnel in 1956. It made it possible to initiate and implement a range of projects, from fundamental to final stages of research and scientific work on their own forces, with further cooperation with other institutions. Thus, since 1959 to the present, Archaeology Department has, independently or in cooperation with the Archaeological Institute of Serbian Academy of Science and Art, the Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation, the Department responsible for the protection of cultural monuments Kraljevo and Priboj Museum, probed protective and systematic excavations. There was a thorough reconnaissance of south-western Serbia, some 1000 archaeological sites were discovered and recorded as well as a number of individual finds from the eras of prehistory, antiquity and the Middle Ages across almost the entire area of Zlatibor region, at the localities of Kriva Reka, Radoinja, Rasna, Stapari, Paramun, Višesava, Vranjani, Pilatovica, Karaula in Uzice, a Town in Uzice, in the valley of the river Poblaćnica (Priboj), in Rutosi and Bela Reka on Zlatibor (Nova Varos), in Visibaba (Pozega), Godečevo and Seča Reka (Kosjerić), in Vrane and Visoka (Arilje), in Višesava and Crkvina in Lug and Orasac, near the monastery of Raca (Bajina Basta), at the monastery complex Uvac (Čajetina), in Dobrun in the Republic of Srpska, in Mokra Gora, Kremna in the Karan White church yard (Uzice), in the valleys of the rivers Lužnica, Djetinja, Skrapez, Katušnica, Prištevica, Veliki Rzav etc...

In 1982, archaeological excavations were initiated within the scientific-research projects: The archaeological excavation of ancient sites in the region of Titovo Uzice, archaeological survey of prehistoric necropolis in Krajcinovici near Priboj, Ancient settlements, necropolis and communication on the eastern outskirts of the Roman province of Dalmatia, the ethno genesis of western Serbia population from Indo-European migration until the end of Roman domination, At the holy waters of Lim, all in order to create the Archaeological Map of Serbia and to collect museum material.

A number of explorers of the National Museum Uzice took part in archaeological research: Novak Živković, Dr. Predrag Mika Medović, Dr. Mihailo Zotović, Javorka Bućić, Jarmila Đurić, Msc Ljiljana Mandić, Dr. Radmila Zotović and Miloje J. Mandić.

Based on the extensive holdings of archaeological museum material, three main collections were created within the Archaeological Department: 1) Prehistoric, 2) Ancient and 3) Medieval.

Archaeological collection with its whole documentation fund, containing a large number of descriptive documentation, technical plans, black and white photographs and pictures in colour, slide technique and digital photos of numerous archaeological excavations, is now a fund that has been processed thoroughly by the Museum, which is a result of complex work.

NMU workers participated with reports, speeches and lectures at professional conferences in the country and abroad.
It should be noted that the museum exhibits of the Archaeological Department were present at the exhibitions of Yugoslav character: Keltoi (Celts), The magic of amber and others, and that they were published in various publications.

Today, Ljiljana Mandic, a senior curator, Jarmila Djuric, a museum advisor and Miloje J. Mandic, a senior curator work within the Department of Archaeology of the National Museum in Uzice.


1) Prehistoric collection
2) Antique collection 
3) Medieval collection

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