Conservation and Restoration Department

Initially, the conservation and restoration activity was done through NMU preparation and conservation workshop, with the involvement of specialized workshops of other institutions, such as National Museum in Belgrade, Serbian Ethnographic Museum, Military Museum, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Cetinje, YNA Technical Services and others. During the mid-1990ies, with the accession of new experts, conservation activities were spread and organized in three workshops, including: workshops for metal, archaeological wood, bone, glass and stone, workshops for ceramics, textiles and leather and workshops for icon painting and easel painting.

Apart from the work of the mentioned workshops on conservation of the museum objects, a specialized workshop for paper of the National Library of Serbia and two companies from Belgrade were engaged to disinfection and rodent control in the textile collection of the Ethnographic collection of the museum.

Besides working on the protection of the museum objects, NMU conservation workshops provided the services to other cultural institutions, Serbian Orthodox church and individuals.

Msc Dragan Dimić adviser-curator, Mira Ćuković, conservator-restorer, Dragan Tomanovic, conservator - restorer and Marijana Ristović, conservator-restorer are currently employed within the conservation and restoration departments.

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