Documentation Department

Work on the professional museological processing of materials in the collections has been a constant task for all departments and professional workers, and it has been conducted in accordance with the regulations of the museum head service, its own human resources and legal acts of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Culture. Up to 1980, although more slowly and unevenly, all technical departments carried out the huge work of time and cultural determination of objects, recording, inventory and record keeping, arranging field documentation, making auxiliary ledgers, the classification of the objects in art-historical works of great and extraordinary importance, detailed classification of the materials in the depots. Later, the work has been intensified by influx of new professional personnel.

NMU Documentation Department started its operation in 1990-ies. During this period, NMU started digitization of the existing documents and its involvement in the MISS system (the Museum Information System of Serbia). Since 2005, the digitization activities have been intensified, and their coordination was taken over by the NMU Documentation Department, with the aim that by 2010 it grows into the DIC (Documentation and Information Centre), which through its work, apart from documentation, would bring together a host of other activities: the work of Photo lab, conservation workshops, library, information and editorial operations of the Museum web site and editing printed publications of the Museum.

Bosa Rosic, Slavica Stefanovic, Miloje Mandic, Nikola Gogic, Dragan Tomanovic and Zagorka Nikitovic went through the department since its establishment to date.

In June 2010 the department moved to new premises in the first NMU building, and its members have undergone training on basic principles for the use of ETERNITAS programme and its functioning.

Miloje J. Mandic, senior curator-coordinator and Zagorka Milicevic, curator–documentarist, work in the Documentation department.

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