Ethnographic department

The formation of the Ethnographic collection of the National Museum Uzice started with the foundation of the Association for collecting and preserving antiquities in Uzice district in 1947, under which, among others, ethnographic section operated as well. Although the activity of this Association was primarily focused on the creation of the Museum of the uprising 1941, a large number of extremely valuable items of ethnographic character was collected. The formation of the Museum of the uprising 1941 began the systematic study of traditional culture, as well as collecting items and photo material from the territory of the district of Uzice in that time, led by the first ethnologist Jovanka Lazarevic. With formation of the National Museum in 1963, with the Museum of the uprising 1941 and the Regional Museum in its structure, the Ethnographic department of the Regional museum was established, which continued doing field survey and collecting ethnographic material of Titovo Uzice region, which included the municipalities of: Tito Uzice, Pozega, Kosjeric Arilje, Ivanjica, Bajina Basta, Cajetina, Nova Varos, Priboj and Prijepolje. Professional work from 1971 to 1981 was managed by ethnologist Natalija Blagojevic. Ethnographic department increased its staffing in the following years.

The Ethnographic collection was formed from objects collected in field survey and research, followed by gifts, purchases and unexpected finds. The objects come mostly from the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The entire ethnographic material is classified in thematic sections that make up the collections, in which there are smaller subject collections: national clothes, home textile, wool processing equipment, music instruments, economy, pipes and smoking accessories, furniture, pottery, crafts and jewellery. A certain number of items from these collections, according to current regulations, are proposed to designate the categories of cultural property of great and extraordinary importance.

A large part of the collection, during the time since the establishment of collection to date, has been published and presented to the public through thematic exhibitions, the permanent exhibitions, as well as by papers published in the professional literature.

The NMU Ethnographic department curators are engaged in numerous projects, both within the head museum, but also as the collaborators at the national or regional projects.

Diana Ristović, senior curator, Milodarka Djajic, Nevena Pantc, and Ivana Todorovic – curators, work in the Ethnographic Department of the National Museum Uzice today.

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