History of Art Department

Art objects and objects of applied art have been collected and stored at the National Museum Uzice since it was established in 1946 to 1981, when the History of Art Department of the National Museum Uzice was founded. In that period these objects were parts of other museum collections - historical, archaeological and ethnographic. Upon establishing of the History of Art Department, Art Collection was formed, and the systematic study and publication of the objects that belong to it began. Experts take care of the Department and the Legacy of a painter Mihailo Milovanovic, which was opened in 2003 in the National Museum Uzice.

The operator of the Art collection from its founding (1981) is Zoran Jancic the curator – an art historian, while Katarina Dogandžić-Micunovic, an art historian, is the curator of the legacy of a painter Mihailo Milovanovic.


Art collection

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