„Uzice, origin and development”

Legacy of painter Mihailo Milovanovic

„History of arms production, montage department“



The diversity and richness of museum collections and funds is shown not only through the permanent settings, but also through a number of thematic exhibitions organized by the Museum itself or in cooperation with other museums, organizations and individuals. During the decades of its work, the Museum has had permanent exchange of exhibitions and other forms of collaboration with museums from the former Yugoslav republics and several European countries, which contributed to a better understanding of the culture and history of these peoples and countries; it has also facilitated presentations of exhibitions of other museums, associations and individuals.

Apart from Uzice, the Museum exhibitions have been displayed in all other municipalities of the Zlatibor District, in towns across Serbia and former Yugoslav republics. Within the international cultural cooperation between Yugoslavia and Serbia with foreign countries, the Museum material was exhibited in the Soviet Union, Poland, Bulgaria, England, France, East Germany and others.

National Museum Uzice has three exhibition halls suitable for presentation of thematic exhibitions. The two of them are located inside the museum building (area of 80 and 96 square meters) while one is on the ground floor of Jokanovica house. Depending on the topic and context of the exhibition, the Museum could also use some atypical areas, such as former Treasury underground tunnels, i.e. Arms and ammunition factory 1941, as well as the outdoor space of the hydroelectric power plant "Under the Town".

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M. C. Kadinjača

Jokanovica house

Hydroelectric power plant

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