The memorial complex on Kadinjaca is dedicated to the fighters of Workers battalion, people from the Sava, people from Orasac, who died on Kadinjaca hill, located fourteen kilometres west of Uzice, on November 29, 1941. They died defending retreat of Supreme headquarters of National Liberation Partisan Troops of Yugoslavia, partisan units and partisan hospital who were withdrawing from Uzice to Sanjak.

In the honour of fighters who died on Kadinjaca, on the anniversary of battle, on the date of November 29, 1952, monument-pyramid was unveiled and under it there was the charnel house with mortal remains of the most of the fighters who died on Kadinjaca. The monument was constructed in accordance with the project of the architect Stevan Zivanovic (1911-1979), in shape of four-sided pyramid, 11 metres high with five-pointed star on top. The lines of the poem „Kadinjaca“ by Slavko Vukosavljevic were engraved on the pyramid. On the occasion of monument unveiling , the president of Federative People’s Republic of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, honoured Workers battalion with Medal of merits for people, with a golden star.

During the time, Kadinjaca became one of the symbols of anti-fascist struggle. From that reason, there was the preposition of a motion for final arrangement of Kadinjaca and its memorial complex. The academy-trained sculptor Miodrag Zivkovic (1928-), a professor at the Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade and the graduated ingeneer of architecture Aleksandar Đokic (1936-2002) were trusted to make the preliminary design. Construction of the memorial comlex lasted from 1977 to 1979. On the date of September 23, 1979, the President of Socialist Fedearal Republic of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito arranged the ceremony of opening the new memorial complex with the attendance of about 100 000 of citizens. On that occasion, he honoured Workers battalion with Medal of National hero.

Complex of monuments consists of three wholes: Amphitheatre of Uzice Republic, The Avenue of Workers battalion and Concourse of liberty. The existing commemorative pyramid is preserved and fit into a new complex of monuments from 1979. Within the complex of monuments Commemorative home was constructed with the place for visitors, a fountain and parking lot. In the building of Commemorative home there are: work rooms, the permanent exhibition of Workers battalion and Kadinjaca battle, thematic exhibition „Uzice region in the NATO aggression“, the part with restaurants, souvenir shop, secondary rooms etc. There is also the service for welcoming announced tourists.

In 1979 the memorial complex on Kadinjaca was declared as historial landmark of great significance for Republic of Serbia.

Permanent museum exhibition „Workers battalion and battle on Kadinjaca“ was opened on September 24, 1984. The exhibition consists of three wholes:

The first introductory part gives description of the situation in Europe and Yugoslavia in autumn in 1941, with the special emphasis on events in western Serbia, that is to say Uzice Republic.

The central part of the exhibition consists of two wholes. In the first whole there is the presentation of the material about the formation of partisan workshops and troops of Workers battalion, while the other one gives description of the greatest battle during the first offensive of enemies- battle on Kadinjaca that took place on November 29, 1941.

Authors of the thematic plan and artistic image of the museum exhibition are  lieutenant-colonel Milan Marinkovic, the curator of the Military museum and the architect Milan Bojer.