Jokanovica house

Jokanovica house is a kind of ethnographic cultural monument in Uzice. It was built in the second half of the nineteenth century as a storey house with residential and commercial purpose. It was long owned by the Serbian merchant family Jokanovic, but later it changed several owners. In 1988, Jokanovica house was declared as cultural heritage – a cultural monument. In 1989, the works on the restoration of this building began, and they were finished in 1992, when the conditions for its complete museum presentation were created. The building is one of the few monuments of the Balkan-oriented architecture.

The permanent museum exhibition called “The Town House in Uzice in the nineteenth and early twentieth century” was opened at the Jokanovica House in 1992 year. The aim of this exhibition was to show how one of the most important periods in the development of the town of Uzice – liberation from Turkish domination – reflected the backbone of any society – the family, i.e. the way of life in a town house. The exhibition attempts to present a complete transformation of Uzice, from the oriental “Seher”, into the Serbian town that had aspirations to accept all European trends which were splashed over Serbia after the liberation. The three interiors show the place of residence and the way of living of the Uzice citizens in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.