Workers battalion and the battle on Kadinjaca

Permanent museum exhibition „Workers battalion and battle on Kadinjaca“ was opened on September 24, 1984. The exhibition consists of three wholes:

The first introductory part gives description of the situation in Europe and Yugoslavia in autumn in 1941, with the special emphasis on events in western Serbia, that is to say Uzice Republic.

The central part of the exhibition consists of two wholes. In the first whole there is the presentation of the material about the formation of partisan workshops and troops of Workers battalion, while the other one gives description of the greatest battle during the first offensive of enemies- battle on Kadinjaca that took place on November 29, 1941.

The exhibition finishes with a particular room, dedicated to The Memorial Complex “Kadinjača” and its opening.

The exhibition contains plenty of material that impressively testify about The Battle of Kadinjača. There are about 300 exhibits about The Workers’ Battalion and its epic, situated on 150 m2 of space.