Legacy of painter Mihailo Milovanovic

Legacy of painter Mihailo Milovanovic (Gostinica, 1879 – Uzice, 1941) was opened in 2003 at the National Museum Uzice. The Legacy Fund was created through acquisitions and gifts of the artist’s son, Momcilo Milovanovic and other donors, and some items were obtained from the collections of the National Museum Uzice. The Legacy presents artistic and personal belongings of Mihailo Milovanovic, the first academic painter of Uzice region, a war artist in the liberation wars of Serbia 1912-1918 and a sculptor.

The realism of Milovanović, with elements of impressionism, art nouveau, expressionism and symbolism makes his scope of work various in genre and the style.

Mihailo Milovanovic was executed by Partisans in 1941, after being wrongfully accused of being the fifth column member and a traitor. The Legacy was formed after decades-long efforts of Momcilo Milovanovic for the rehabilitation of the name and the work of his father Mihailo and after collecting the artist’s legacy.

For the formation and museum presentation of the Legacy of painter Mihailo Milovanovic, The National Museum Uzice was awarded in 2004 by the Museum Society of Serbia, “Mihailo Valtrovic” in the category of the museum activity. In 2007, District Court in Uzice brought the Decision granting the request for rehabilitation and found that Mihailo Milovanovic had been deprived of his life as a victim of persecution and violence for political and ideological reasons.

The Legacy was reconstructed in 2020.